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Tamborito the Pizote!

Three weeks ago Henner came home  for cocktails with guests Charlie & Pat, regular guests who are also soon to be neighbors in the area.  When he entered the rancho he was excited to share with us a photo on his Iphone that to looked like the tail of a Davy Crockett hat sticking out of the seat in our car.  Giddy with excitement he sent us all out to look in the back seat of the car where we found the smallest little critter hiding as much of his body as possible in the crack between the seat and the seat back.  Henner explained that as he was driving up the road he came upon the baby Pizote (who we quickly named “Tamborito” after the box we initially kept him in), dehydrated, lost and confused on the side of the road far from water.  Henner then sat there for some time waiting too see if his mother came back to retrieve the lost baby but it did not happen.  After awhile, he just scooped him up and brought him home.

After plenty of water he fell asleep in his cardboard box filled with clean towels and thus started our process of falling in love with our raccoon-like new friend.  Even the dogs were more curious than “con hambre”!

The following morning began with phone calls to sanctuaries throughout the country and we immediately were in touch with Vicki & Steve at the SIBU sanctuary in Nosara.  From the moment we started talking and they described what they do and about their set up I knew we had found the right place.  Although they thought they would never hear from us again after hanging up, (too many people try to keep Pizote’s as pets as they are known to be “catlike” in nature) we were on the road the following day to deliver our little bundle to his new home at Camp SIBU!

Vicki & Steve have created an amazing sanctuary for Howler Monkeys and other lost or abandoned wildlife and it is absolutely worth a visit if you are in the Nosara area!

And as she promised, Vicki is sending us updates on Tamborito and we hope to return and visit and follow his growth and hopeful release back into the wild!  Incredible to think that otherwise, he would have entered to the food chain before he even had a chance to live!

The following is our first update from Vicki:

“Little Tamborito is doing just great and is quite the little busybody! He is “all little boy” in his behavior and activities. He likes to play with the new little squirrel but he gets too excited and wants to bite a little to hard. Within two to three days he had adapted / adjusted to taking a bottle of soy milk formula. Because it is so new and different, I had to put a little drop of honey mixed in with the milk but now he’s crazy about the soy formula. He’s a great little bug catcher and enjoys eating little insects when he (or us!) can find them for him.
I tried to take picture of him for you today but didn’t get any decent ones. I’ll try again in the next couple of days. He spends his nights indoors but right after breakfast in the mornings, he has graduated to the outside habitat which we opened up the extension to so he has a “double wide” habitat with lots on fresh branches and bejucos to climb on. Also, there’s a large area where we put down sod for him to practice digging for grubs, etc. He has warm , dry bedding out there as well as indoors at night. He’s a happy camper!”

We will post updates from Camp SIBU/Nosara Wildlife Preserve as we get them!

If you wish to help this amazing cause you can adopt a monkey for as little as $5.00 per month!

Pura Vida!