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Local Culture

Things to Do – Adventures and Activities

There is plenty of light seasonal adventure, local culture and incredible tranquility to enjoy while visiting this empty stretch of beach as well as several day trips in the more developed tourist towns of Mal Pais and Samara for those who like to get out and explore.  Your hosts are on site to help plan all activities and make daily suggestions. Kick back, relax and play as much, or as little, as you like  – we will handle all of the details for you!

Activities & Packages are available during the High & Green Season, weather & space depending.
Some require a 20-minute to one-hour very scenic drive and are considered “Day Trips” to the neighboring towns of Mal Pais & Samara.
Prices subject to change.


Islita Art Museum

Inaugurated in 2003, this innovative program features the collaborative work of established Costa Rican artists and emerging local talent. Brilliant murals and intriguing sculptures grace the very walls and open spaces that conform the village’s infrastructure in a bold outdoor display of identity. Today, there are over 60 men, women, and youngsters involved in one of seven art groups in Costa Rica.

Priate Lesson Gear
$35 1hr Daily Board Rentals Available

$10 Donation

Casa Museo

Original pieces produced by local Artisans who have taken part in workshops sponsored by the Islita Art Museum are proudly displayed and sold at the Casa Museo, a gallery, studio, and gift shop complex where travelers have a chance to meet and greet community artists.


Guatil Artisan Community

Guaitil is a small community located at the base of the foot of hills, near the road connecting the cities of Santa Cruz and Nicoya, a few hours North of Cristal Azul. It is home to a major craft center in the country, where ceramic work is still being done is ways similar to those used by Chorotegas, an indigenous group that exercised dominion over territories between Lake Nicaragua and the Nicoya Peninsula. We can arrange to have a guide meet you in Guatil to spend a few hours with you and translating on your behalf with the artisans as you shop and learn about this unique and very traditional pottery. Gift

There is no charge to walk through the community, they do hope that you will purchase something of course.