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Tips on How to be a Responsible Traveler


  • Learn the basic characteristics, geography, culture and values of your destination country.
  • Be open minded, tolerant, respectful and ready to learn new things on your trip.
  • Be aware of and respect local customs and norms and adhere to them when possible and expected.
  • Enjoy, respect and appreciate authentic experiences, do not try to change other people.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of other people. Ask permission before you take a picture or enter their private property.
  • When in doubt, ask – never assumel
  • Smile and learn how to say basic expressions like “Hello” & “Thank You”.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Cooperate with the protection and conservation of the environment, dispose of trash & refuse properly – Recycle always.
  • Pay attention to the recommendations of your local guides and hosts.
  • Conserve and save local natural resources.
  • Do not disturb, abuse and extract the wild life.
  • DO NOT to feed the animals or take pictures with flash.
  • Buy local products knowing that the source of the raw materials and their production is environmentally friendly and follows the principles of fair trade.
  • Buy & hire local goods and services that are ecologically and socially responsible.
  • Take care that the local community and people receive the profit of your visit.
  • Denounce child prostitution and all vices related to it.
  • Seek out businesses that are committed to program of sustainable tourism and eco-tourism.

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