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The Rancho

Stunning views and starlit nights

Days are yours to do as you please and The Rancho is where guests dine, relax, play and enjoy this pristine paradise and the solitude! Stunning birds-eye views, unforgettable starlit nights and an abundance of local wildlife are the only distractions in this open air, thatched structure equipped with games, puzzles, books, stereo, private bar and a professional pool table. A refreshing vanishing edge pool is steps-away. Hammocks abound for impromptu naps!

“I intend to spend many vacations here and encourage anyone who has a desire for an extraordinary location, indigenous congeniality, views that would make your screensaver green with envy and the opportunity to visit the Costa Rican coast like few ever do, visit Cristal Azul. Tip: Ask for Henner`s special Rum Punch. Sip, relax and repeat.”

M. Palm, Las Vegas NV